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Child Support

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Wisconsin courts use the Percentage of Income Standard guidelines when determining child support payments. The child support guidelines are based on:

Parent's income

Time child spends with each parent

If a parent is supporting other children

The court may use different guidelines for different scenarios:

Shared Custody - Each parent has custody at least 25% of the time

Serial Family - If a parent supports more than one family

Split Placement - One or more child with each parent

High-Income Payer - If paying parent's income is more than $7,000/month

Low-Income Payer - If paying parent's income is less than $1,485/month

The court may deviate from the amounts set by the guidelines if they would be unfair to the child or one of the parents. Make sure you have a knowledgeable attorney representing your interests; contact the Law Office of Laura A. Walker today.

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